Ethnic Consumer
Data Platform

Precision Targeting for
Highly Effective Urban Campaigns

The OptimalSelect consumer database is the largest
and most accurate source for ethnic consumer marketing
data available in the United States. If you want to appeal
to consumers in major urban markets, our data provide an
invaluable resource for reaching key ethnic groups effectively,

  • African-American (10.0 million households)
  • Hispanic (10.8 million households)
  • Asian (3.0 million households)

    The total size of our database exceeds 109.5 million households,
    constantly updated and refined. We maintain detailed information on
    each individual, over 500 data fields in all. This makes it possible
    for us to deliver your message precisely to your ideal consumers
    with a minimum of waste. The OptimalSelect data platform can
    operate in real time, dynamically matching on-line shoppers with
    messages and offers based on their demographic profiles.
  • For more information, please contact:

    Marketing Solutions
    Canton, MA

    Telephone: 781-821-2345
    Fax: 781-821-1561
    Email: sales@OptimalSelect.com